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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Computer Maintenance Tips

Computer Maintenance Tips1: Fix Error Messages. Computer errors are usually confusing and often useless, but if you ignore them, you shouldn’t be surprised if your computer starts to slow down
An error message tells you that something is wrong. If you don’t take the time to figure out what is wrong, you’ll probably suffer for weeks before spending just as much time tracking down the problem later.
All that suffering could have been avoided with a simple fix to the obvious error message.
If you want to avoid a slow computer , this is one computertip you should never forget: fixerror messages right away. Happily, you’re already on the site that will help you fix even the most confusing error messages
Computer Maintenance Tips#5: Get Better Anti-Virus Software
I remember getting a new laptop one time and being impressed at how fast it ran. Then I installed the anti-virus software and it seemed like all I ever saw was the “please wait”hourglass.
Every anti-virus program will slow down your computer, but the best anti-virus programs will slow it down the least because they’re optimized. If you aren’t happy with your anti-virus program, don’t just keep using it—look for alternatives. Remember that most good anti-virus programs have free trials. See our virus removal software page for some great ideas
Computer Maintenance Tips#6: Check The Disk
Engineers love saying that all moving parts fail, and no part on your computer moves more than your disk drive.
Your disk drive will fail, and it will probably fail sooner than you expect. But, before it fails, it will probably slow down—I mean that it will physically slow down. The “disk” part of the disk drive will stop spinning as fast.
The disk drive will slow down gradually, so you probably won’t notice when it starts happening, but you will notice your computer start to take longer booting, opening files, and saving files.
You can install software which will run diagnostics on your disk drive to tell you that it’s slowing down and that it’s getting closer and closer to failure. For details, see why your computer is running slow
Computer Maintenance Tips#8: Check The Cords
More and more people are usingexternal disk drives these days, as well as people using digital music players, cell phones, and cameras which do the same thing.
If you copy files to or from these devices, you should occasionally check to make sure the cords are plugged in fully. When the cords aren’t plugged in correctly, not all of the data gets sent. Worse, the computer sends data in chunks, and whena part of the chunk doesn’t arrive, the computer has to throw out the whole chunk (kind of like how you might throw out a whole loaf of half-rotten bread). So a 1% dataerror rate can slow down your transfer by 50% or more.
You should also check the (usually blue) Ethernet cord plugged into some desktop computers to maximize the speed of your Internet connection for the exact same reason.
Computer Maintenance Tips#10: Use Your Senses
The simplest on-going maintenance you can do for your computer is to pay attention to it. Notice when it starts making a new sound or when it starts getting hotter than usual. Treat your computerlike a car and investigate any change in its behavior. Remember that problems are usually easiest to fix the sooneryou start working on them. Even the best computer maintenance tips are no substitute for fixing current problems.


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